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Positioning of the enterprise —— Grow up in the morning WeiTeng Automation
Based high-tech companies, personnel, information technology-based, the pursuit of excellence, innovation wisdom of the soul. Commitment to the revitalization of the nation, making the technology ideal of the country.
Now the company is faced with a golden opportunity for development, to the network as the center of the information revolution, is in the process of creating a new economic system. Faced with an increasingly vigorous development of network technology and the ever-changing business applications, the company will be ahead of market management concept, high-quality technical and management team to promote enterprises in the fierce global competition in the market continued progress and growth, for the development of national industries to create an international brand development goals

Entrepreneurial spirit ——Integrity, unity and pragmatism, dedication

Honesty-fundamental to the success of the enterprise. Using our sincerity, the sincerity to win the trust of the community, based on the land. Solidarity-enterprises guarantee success. Tempered the good team spirit, with one heart and one mind common progress. Pragmatic-based business success. Down-to-earth, pragmatic, and work, love embody the "user first" business purposes 。 Dedication-source success of the enterprise. Using our youth and talents to create an inexhaustible supply of fruits and achieve "industry Nation" the desire; Growth was only in order to improve the access to higher salaries

Quality Policy
Chuan create a beautiful environment, production quality products to adhere to honesty, to meet user requirements.

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